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Plover, WI
I am the exclusive distributor of these
aftermarket widebodies built from the same molds as the famous Saleen SR
Widebody that won multiple championships in the late 90’s. These parts
are made from the exact same molds as the original cars. These have NOT
been made from old parts from previous race cars.

Portions of these kits can not be used separately from the rest of the
kit. I know I will get lots of questions about bumper covers and hoods
to be sold separately, and they can be sold separately, but like stated
earlier, they dont fit anything but the widebody.

We offer the kit in 3 different configurations: Street / V1 Race / V2 Race

The options differ depending on substituted carbon fiber parts and the purpose they serve.

Also soon to be available – complete aero packages to supplement the
widebody. A purpose built splitter, side splitters, diffuser, and body
vent will be able to be purchased.

I wont be discussing pricing on open forums, the kits vary greatly
depending on options. I will offer this…. the basic SR Street kit in
fiberglass starts at $9,000.00.

You might ask why so much? Its not that expensive. The kits were sold
for north of $20k in the 90’s. These kits have also been perfected for
fitment and need little to no work to make them fit perfectly.
Everything is bolt on or pin on except the quarters which require
removal of the steel quarters from the unibody.

We will be producing only 10 kits this round. 5 have been sold already.
We are taking deposits for a 6 to 8 week lead time with weekly updates.

Selling Price 9000.00
Sellers Phone # 715-575-1305
Sellers Email saleen89559@gmail.com
distance: 85 Miles
Address Plover, WI

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