Beckert universal 6 Speed FWD sequential gearbox

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Beckert Technology 6 Speed FWD sequential gearbox with Renault bell hosing
Rated for 350Nm (260lb/ft)
6 speed and reverse, straight cut with dog engagement, hydraulic clutch bearing, and plate LSD.
The input and output shafts run on a three bearing set which minimises shaft flex and maintains gear on gear geometry – a significant advantage over the competition.
The casing also runs a revised higher diff position which gives improved driveshaft angles for cars running a competition suspension set-up.
Comes with;
Inner lobro joints x2
flat shift bracket/switch
Clutch release bearing
Shifter with connecting rod
Super lightweight flywheel (for clio)
Tilton twin plate clutch
ARP clutch bolts
Selling Price 5000 EUR
Sellers Phone # 5000 EUR

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