Hewland EGTW Gearbox

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A rare opportunity to buy a Hewland EGTW transmission, designed for high-torque front wheel drive cars.
With a recommended maximum (tractable) torque capacity of over 610nm and a weight of under 46kg, these gearboxes are the class-leading solution for high-torque front wheel drive or transverse-engined rear wheel drive cars.
This is the highest spec version with externally adjustable preload differential.
Sold with an adaptor plate for Seat engines, gear position sensor and lever mechanism included

Ratios fitted:

Final Drive: 23:51
1st: 15:32
2nd: 16:29
3rd: 18:27
4th: 20:24
5th: 27:28
6th: 26:24
Diff Ramps: 30×45 (can be rotated to achieve 45×45 or 45×60)

Friction faces: 8

 The gearbox has undergone full independant inspection and was found to be excellent throughout.

Selling Price 6000
Sellers Phone # +34722678114
Sellers Email joksonwilliam@gmail.com

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