BMW 2002 TURBO GETRAG Gearbox 235:5 Racing Dogleg

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This unit was totally overhauled: New synchro rings installed (new original made in germany synchros), New Oil Seals, all bearings repleced, oil plugs installed and all gaskets replaced. Ready for use, plug and play.REMANUFACTRED TO FACTORY CONDITION BMW 2002 TI / TII / TURBO GETRAG 235/5 RACING CLOSE RATIO DOGLEG 5 SPEED TRANS.
BMW 2002 Ti Tii Turbo Getrag 235/5 close ratio dogleg 5 speed gerabox marked “/5” Very Rare Getrag 235/5 close ratio 5 speed gearbox.
The Getrag 235/5, optional close ratio 2002 5 speed was the factory optional close ratio five speed gearbox for the 2002. These units are fairly rare. A guess is that there were perhaps 2000-3000 of these units produced. This transmission was an option even on the 2002 Turbo. This gearbox is used primarily for track type events and for people searching for the best performance and overall gear selection. It is well suited to cars with heavily modified motors which have a narrow powerband. Most street applications are more suited to the five speed overdrive gearbox. These transmissions are 3.0625 (3 and 1/16) inches longer than the 4-speed, and need the associated hardware adjusted accordingly. The clutch slave cylinder is mounted in the same manner as a standard 2002 four speed. There are several easy ways to identify a transmission as a close ratio five speed. First, the front housing is identical to a 2002 four speed. There is an added cast aluminum section sandwiched between the front housing, and the rear cover. On the top of the transmission located on this additional sandwiched housing, there will be some numbers stamped. The first is a serial number, ending with a /5 (to designate five gears). There will also be a 235 or 238 number stamped on the cast sandwiched housing nearby. This gearbox also uses the racing style shift pattern, with first gear to the left and down, under reverse (dogleg). Getrag 235/5, optional close-ratio 5-speed for the 2002: 1st: 3.368 2nd: 2.16 3rd: 1.58 4th: 1.24 5th: 1.00

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