BMW M3 S14 2.3L Engine & Getrag 265 Transmission

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For sale is a complete BMW M3 S14 2.3L engine and getrag 265 five-speed manual transmission pulled from my 1988 BMW M3 that was previously sold few years ago. The S14 powerplant was factory rated at 192 horsepower and 170 lb-ft of torque and consists of a long-block and gearbox assembly with an induction system as well as a header, wiring harness, motor mounts, starter, bell housing, driveshaft, clutch assembly, flywheel, an ignition system, and alternator. Additional parts will be included in this sale.
Asking $9,000
Michael Hamilton,
Seattle, Washington
Selling Price 9000
Sellers Phone # 360-358-7245
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